Denied for a Loan Modification?

You spent hours, over the past weeks, to send them the correct paperwork only for them “not to receive it”. Or sign the same forms over and over again, because they are picky about your middle initial. Or track down page 6 of 6 on your bank statement that is “intentionally left blank” because they must have every single page.

Does this start to sound like a nightmare yet?

After battling through the endless documents and signatures you are now anxiously waiting to find out if you are approved for a loan modification. You wait weeks, after weeks, without receiving a call, because you always have to be the one to call in. So you decide that it is finally time to end the nervous tension that has built up. You call customer service and the game begins, from pressing your loan number to the awful hold music, or being transferred to have your call disconnected. Finally, after reaching a live person on the phone you demand your answer!

Here is the worst part: Not only did they deny your loan modification request but now your loan is in foreclosure. And once again, you had to be the one to call and find out.


Here are some things to consider when you are denied for a loan modification:

  • maybe this is a sign to find another adventure with another house
  • maybe it is time you free yourself – the hassle of managing your unpredictable mortgage payments and repairs that needs to be done
  • maybe you just need a few years to get everything back on track – we all do every once and awhile
  • you are not in the biggest nightmare yet, you can still avoid a foreclosure


A short sale will allow you avoid a foreclosure, time to find another place to move, receive seller incentive money, and you could even get another loan within 2-3 years.

Let us help you free yourself from this nightmare and start over. Just a call away, any time, 972-342-0011.

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